Leather Sofas

Leather Sofa

Leather Sofa

Leather sofas are pieces to living room furniture, and are similar to sofas themselves, but with the difference in that the material used in their construction is composed entirely out of different types of leather and leathery textures. It is sometimes a combination of textiles with leather included.

Leather itself has emerged from the rawhide and the skin from animals (most prominently cattle) during the process of putrefaction. It has been heavily produced and sought-after for its exceptionally tasteful look and feel, with many different variations being created since the 1800s. The fibers found inside of leather will eventually decompose, in a sense, as time passes. This process is sped up when it is overly exposed to humidity reaching 40% or below. There is not much to be done in this case outside of conditioners, which are not recommended due to the chemicals.

History of Leather Sofas

Leather sofas in 1858 and onwards were created with leather that had been chrome-tanned, which is to say, a substance known as chromium sulfate and related salts were introduced to the fibrous tissues of the leather to give them a richer, deeper color.

Ever since ranchers learned how to produce leather and its sister materials, there have been all sorts of furnishings created out of it, because it was economical and attractive. This is especially true for cattle herders, farmers, or ranchers. If a cattle were to die, the ranch hand could use the skin or the hide of the beast and manipulate it through the process to create leather, where it could be sold to people in town for a handsome collection or fee. This caught on especially in the late 1800s well into the 1900s, and still today.

Types of Leather Sofas

Unlike sofas, things like a chaise lounge and futons usually deal with wood grains, rather than leather grains. If you are a person who is looking for living room ideas, it might be best to check out more general information about decor and types of furniture.

Full-grain leatheris a type used in sofa production that has had the upper layers separated from one another, with the first known as the split layer, and the second known as the top grain layer. Fulls have never been treated to remove anything from the leather, and it is presented in its natural state.

Top-grain is lacking the split layer, which creates a more thinner and sheet-like consistency, unlike the full-grain counterpart. It is more manipulative as well, and cheaper to purchase. It has been coerced to remove imperfections in the surface, usually through a sander, which results in a slightly more unnatural feel and look to it.

Corrected-grain implies that the sofa material has been corrected artificially, and most often contains unnatural compounds in it to give it more aesthetic value. All blemishes or inconsistencies are removed. It is the least expensive of any brand, and it is considered a non-authentic form of leather.

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