Reading on a Sofa

Reading on a Sofa

Sofas are a key part to any set of living room furniture. They are used for seating in the home, and are generally upholstered. There are other types of seating furniture, like futons for multiple individuals, or a chaise lounge for only one.

They often contain more than one seating area so that two or more people can comfortably fit into one. Living rooms are not the only place to find sofas. Any room used for reclining and relaxation may have them, including lounges, family rooms, dens, or in view of wherever the largest household television is.

Some offices and waiting areas have sofas, like in hospitals or hotels, in coffee shops, at lobbies, restaurants. Industrialization made sofas quite cheap to own in developed nations, and they grew to become essential for any lower-to-middle class home, despite having their roots as being linked to wealthy and white collar families.

A Small History on Sofas

The original usage of the word “sofa” actually did not refer to any article of furniture at all, but a section in the floor itself that was raised up for guests to seat themselves. It has Arabic origins. Often, that location in the floor had accompanying cushions and quilts adorned on it to make it more inviting to guests and other important people. It was not until around the time that the 16th century came to a close did we associate the sofa as being an elongated arm chair.

The springs inside of the contemporary sofa had things like horse hair and straw replacing them as a type of cushion for it, and this continued until the year of 1828. The wooden frame supporting the spring box design was introduced sometime around the early 1900s. When industries began implementing foam rubber into decor and products, the padding was fashioned out of it for each sofa, close to some 20 years later.

Different Types of Sofas

There is the sleeper sofa, known as the sofa bed. With regards to a sofa bed, it will actually fold out to form the basis for a bedding environment, with a frame and larger surface for sprawling out. The loveseat is named so because only two people can fit on it, making it a more compacted version of modern sofa. There are also sectional sofas, which have several compartments in them that are absent from one another.

For example, you might have a regular loveseat-style design, but then have a section where it reclines into a style of chaise lounge. There are also a host of different materials that go into the construction of these seats, including the luxurious (and expensive) leather sofas. You can contemplate which sofas would suit your home in the section devoted to living room ideas.

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